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About More Monthly Bucks.Com
R. E. Branch, M. D., (a former specialty medical specialty surgeon) has always had an entrepreneurial spirit dating back to a childhood erector set which allowed him to put things together and to watch them run.

A former specialty surgeon in recent years he has been among the pioneers of the use of the Internet in the practice of medicine. He designed and has managed an online medically supervised clinic for the past 10 years treating patients for weight loss and for weight loss maintenance with fellow physician employees that allows patients to receive medical treatment that is administered predominantly through a website R. E. designed in 2002 and had published to the web at www.AbsolutelyThin.com that allows patients to receive medical treatment for weight loss and/or weight loss maintenance by way of the Internet and his website rather than physically having to make a doctor's appointment at a doctor's office.

Thousands of patients have been treated for our nation's number one public health problem-Obesity which has proven itself to be a serious chronic disease which cause a number of other medical illnesses that are usually eliminated by having a patient attain and then to maintain a healthy body weight with excellent results by following treatment protocols that are usually communicated by telephone, email, and interfacing with the www.AbsolutelyThin.com website rather than have to make a doctor's appointment with an office visit, waste a lot of time, etc. 

For a number of years, R.E. has, also, carried a Texas General Lines Life Insurance License as well as having taken courses in the Financial Advisory field and carries the Certified Retirement Financial Advisor designation. More on the training background and qualification of the Society of Certified Retirement Financial Advisor qualifications can be found at the www.CRFA.us website.

More Monthly Bucks is a recent business endeavor that is a product of electric energy deregulation by certain states.

Texas is the largest consumer of electric energy in the USA and it was the first state to deregulate it's electricity supplier in 2002 giving consumers a choice of who would supply electricity to Texas homes and to Texas businesses.

A great deal of information can be found on www.wikipedia.org in particular a at  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deregulation_of_the_Texas_electricity_market 

R. E. decided to become an Independent Marketing Representative with a Canadian Company named "Just Energy" which is a well established customer base primarily in several Northeastern states in the USA.

Just Energy is currently a $1.2 billion a year company expanding into the Texas market as a growing company named Momentis with national USA headquarters in Dallas, TX.

As the benefits of electric deregulation become more widely known (formerly states awarded company monopolies without competition) predictions are that most if not all of the USA states will deregulate which will put some $500 billion in motion.

Just Energy is a leader in renewable energy such as wind and solar power and offers energy plans that generate energy from these renewable energy sources.

More Monthly Bucks is R.E.'s name for his Just Energy marketing firm to grow the customer base of Just Energy through the use of marketers who are paid according to their productivity.

More Monthly Bucks uses a unique, simple, easy marketing method that should allow the More Monthly Bucks team convert Texans to the benefits offered by Just Energy as an electricity supplier as well as to grow a sales force that should reap unlimited financial rewards if they follow the simple sales plan and apply themselves.

Betty Nickels is R.E.'s significant other of 14 years and upon whom he relies.

Betty (a retired Plano Bowman Middle School teacher) also serves as the Office Manager for www.AbsolutelyThin.com Weight Loss and Weight Loss Maintenance primarily online medically supervised weight loss program.

Betty does a fabulous job.

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R. E. Branch


Betty Nickels