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As an Independent Marketing Representative of Just Energy it is easiest to think of your business as building a force of people to have Texans to use Just Energy as their electricity supplier.

The larger the size of the force of people working to have Texans convert their electricity supplier to Just Energy the more your business is paid.

Additionally, our system makes it simple for you as an Independent Marketing Representative to additionally build the Just Energy sales force and the larger the sales force each of us grows the more our business makes.

The business payment formula is complicated, but our system allows most of the building to occur using the Internet.

By passing out your personalized business cards to as many people as you can it will drive more people to visit our www.MoreMonthlyBucks.com website which in turn will grow your own business at your own time and pace.

The system then grows what are called Qualified Marketing Representatives or your own force to help the Just Energy Company get more Texas electricity customers.

Qualified Marketing Representatives are called QMR's.

As your number of QMR's grows so does your business income.

The amount your business earns is dependent on the success of your QMR's.

The list below is very conservative as to what your business earns as your number of QMRs grow:

Generation     Number QMRS    Times         Equals        Income Total

    1                       3                  $50.00                           $150.00
    2                       9                  $50.00                           $450.00
    3                       27                 $50.00                          $1,350.00
    4                       81                 $50.00                          $4050.00
    5                       243                $50.00                          $12,150.00
    6                       729                $50.00                          $36,450.00
    7                       2,187             $50.00                          $109,350.00
    8                       6,561             $50.00                          $328,050.00
    9                      19,683             $50.00                          $984,150.00
   10                      59,049            $50.00                           $2,952,450.00

     and the numbers go up from there.....